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You define your data needs, we take care of the rest

Manual data collection requires weeks of preparation, execution and quality assurance. With Syntric, you define what data you are missing, and we provide you with millions of datapoints in a fraction of the time.

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Benefits of Synthetic Data

unlimited Volume

Generate as many different identities as needed. For each identity, generate thousands of different scenarios.

Complete annotations

No more downstream issues due to poor annotations. Syntric's data comes with perfect ground-truth labels.

Cover edge-cases

Partial faces, different cameras, lighting conditions. Whatever edge-case you need, we got you covered.

Fully bias-free

Biased data equals biased solutions. Leverage Synthetic Data to create fair biometrics.

GDPR compliant

Move fast and safe by unlocking millions of datapoints with no privacy concern.


Experiment with new data within the same Sprint and keep innovation and continuous improvement going.


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